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Users property

Holds reference to collection of currently connected users.


  • Basic
object.Users [= value]
The Users(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodWebServer
valueA value.


If you want to access information about users currently connected to your WEB server, you will use this property. In 'technical' words, it will give you pointer to WebUser object, but this means much more.

First, you will be able to determine total number of connected users using Count property. Second, you will be able to access information about specific user using his index and Item property. For instance, you can see IP address of computer from where first user connected, you can do it like this:
Debug.Print wodWebServer1.Users.Item(0).RemoteIP

or shorter
Debug.Print wodWebServer1.Users(0).RemoteIP

This is readonly property, and it has only members for accessing existing objects (users), not adding new ones. This is so that WEB server adds new users as they arrive (and removes them).