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StatesEnum Enumeration

List shows all states that can occur for connected user during his one session.


Typically, these will be provided through User.State property, and will sequentially change from Disconnected up to Done. However, if the client makes more than one request per the connection, it is possible that sequence changes, and state changes became 'out of order'.

Possible values for StatesEnum:

Constant Value Description
Disconnected 0 Disconnected from server.
Connecting 1 User is connecting to the server.
Connected 2 User is connected to the server.
SendingRequest 3 User is sending request.
ReceiveWait 4 User is waiting to receive more data.
ReceivingResponse 5 Receiving response from the server.
Done 6 Done receiving response from the server.
WebSocket 7 Connection upgraded to websocket.