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UploadFilename callback method

Called when server needs new name for the file currently being uploaded.


  • Basic
object.UploadFilename (Owner, User, Part)
The UploadFilename(object,Owner,User,Part) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type IwodWebNotify
OwnerAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodWebServer
UserWebUser object. Reference to user that called CGI script.
PartWebRequestUploadPart object. Reference to the part that will be uploaded.


NOTE: This method is called only if you implemented IwodWebNotify interface in your application, and wodWeb1.Notification property has received reference to instance of your implementation.

This notification method if called during file upload if AutoParse property was set to True. It allows you to specify final destination filename of the upload. This way file is streamed directly to specified file, instead of being dumped to Request.Body, and then extracted later on.

This notification method may be called more than once per request, if client uploads more than one file. File will be fully uploaded when new UploadFilename is called (for the new file that is about to be uploaded), or when RequestDone is called.