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WebResponse Object

WebResponse object holds information specific to response that is sent to the client.

CGIExecuteExecutes external CGI program as the response.
ISAPIExecuteExecutes preloaded ISAPI extension
RedirectRedirects response to new URL.
SendSends response back to the client.
SendChunkSends chunk of data.
SendHeadersSends response headers.
BodyHolds full response body.
DeliveryDetermines when will wodWebServer deliver response.
FilenameHolds full path where response body is stored.
HeadersReturns reference to response headers.
HttpVersionHolds version of HTTP protocol used.
RangeEndDetermines end position of the response.
RangeStartDetermines start position of the response.
ScriptBeginHolds text that is interpreted as begin of scripting language.
ScriptEndHolds text that is interpreted as end of scripting language.
StatusCodeHolds status code returned to the client.
StatusLineHolds full status line returned to the client.
StatusTextHolds status text returned to the client.
TagTag for misc usage.
TransferEncodingDetermines encoding of response body.


You will usually set these properties in RequestDone event. Most important properties are StatusCode and Body/Filename.