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StatusCodes Enumeration

This is list of status codes (as defined by HTTP protocol) that you should return to the client to let him know if his request is successful or not.


In most cases you will use 200 'OK' value (meaning you will serve the page correctly). 404 'Not Found' is also common when page does not exist. For other value - use them if you need to, clients know how to behave correctly on these return codes. You should put these values to Response.StatusCode property.

Possible values for StatusCodes:

Constant Value Description
Continue 100 Continue
SwitchingProtocols 101 Switching Protocols
OK 200 OK
Created 201 Created
Accepted 202 Accepted
NonAuthoritativeInformation 203 Non-Authoritative Information
NoContent 204 No Content
ResetContent 205 Reset Content
PartialContent 206 Partial Content
MultipleChoices 300 Multiple Choices
MovedPermanently 301 Moved Permanently
MovedTemporarily 302 Moved Temporarily
SeeOther 303 See Other
NotModified 304 Not Modified
UseProxy 305 Use Proxy
BadRequest 400 Bad Request
Unauthorized 401 Unauthorized
PaymentRequired 402 Payment Required
Forbidden 403 Forbidden
NotFound 404 Not Found
MethodNotAllowed 405 Method Not Allowed
NotAcceptable 406 Not Acceptable
ProxyAuthenticationRequired 407 Proxy Authentication Required
RequestTimeout 408 Request Time-out
Conflict 409 Conflict
Gone 410 Gone
LengthRequired 411 Length Required
PreconditionFailed 412 Preconfition Failed
RequestEntityTooLarge 413 Request Entity Too Large
RequestURITooLarge 414 Request URI Too Large
UnsupportedMediaType 415 Unsupported Media Type
RangeNotSatisfiable 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
InternalServerError 500 Internal Server Error
NotImplemented 501 Not Implemented
BadGateway 502 Bad Gateway
ServiceUnavailable 503 Service Unavailable
GatewayTimeout 504 Gateway Time-out
HTTPVersionNotSupported 505 HTTP Version not supported