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ThreadTypes Enumeration

ThreadTypes constants are used with Threads property, and define behavior of wodWebServer when it comes to creating worker thread for each connected client.


By default, no threads are created - all clients work in the same thread as wodWebServer. When you expect to receive many concurrent connections at once, you should try to use one of threading options.

When SafeThreads is selected, worker threads are created, but when it comes to firing events, main thread is notified about the event, and main thread fires the event. This is a requirement in some languages. For example, in Visual Basic it is recommended option. Speed increase should occur with this setting, but still you should NOT put lengthy processing in events code, since all users must wait other user events to complete so their one can come in turn.

Selecting FullThreads allows wodWebServer to completely fire events from worker threads. While this may not be safe in some environments, it is suggested selection in NET environment, such as VB.NET and C# languages. You can put any lengthy processing inside events code, since you will block only one thread - while other users are allowed to continue receiving their responses interrupted.

Possible values for ThreadTypes:

Constant Value Description
NoThreads 0 No threads are used.
SafeThreads 1 Threads are used, but events are fired from the main thread.
FullThreads 2 Full thread support, events fired form worker threads.