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wodWebServerThis is main wodWebServer interface.
ISAPIExtensionHolds information about ISAPI extension or filter.
ISAPIExtensionsHolds collection of all loaded ISAPI extensions or filters.
WebHeaderHolds information about request/response header.
WebHeadersThis object stores collection of WebHeader objects - headers used in each request and response, as defined by HTTP protocol.
WebRequestThis object holds all information known about client's request
WebRequestUploadPartThis object contains properties and methods for accessing single part in multipart/form-data request.
WebRequestUploadsThis collection holds all parts in the Request object, if any.
WebResponseWebResponse object holds information specific to response that is sent to the client.
WebSessionWebSession object holds information about session variable - it's Name and it's Value.
WebSessionsThis object holds collection of session variables for the user.
WebUserThis object holds all known information about the user who connected to your WEB server.
WebUsersThis object holds collection of all users currently connected to wodWebServer.