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WebUser Object

This object holds all known information about the user who connected to your WEB server.

DisconnectDisconnects user from the server.
ResolveURIResolves relative URI to file on a disk.
TestNTLMResponseTests if provided response matches user's password.
WebSocketReceiveTextReceives text from WebSocket.
WebSocketSendTextSends text to WebSocket.
BytesDownloadHolds total number of bytes downloaded by the client.
BytesUploadHolds total number of bytes uploaded by the client.
CertificateHolds user's client certificate (if provided).
DocumentRootHolds root path for documents.
DomainHolds user's authentication domain (if provided).
LoginHolds user's login (if provided).
MaxTransferRateDetermines max bytes per second client can use.
PasswordHolds user's password (if provided).
PauseReceivePauses receiving data from the client.
RemoteIPHolds IP address from where client connects.
RemotePortHolds port used on client's side.
RequestReturns reference to current request.
ResponseReturns reference to current response.
SessionVarsReturns collection of session variables.
StateHolds user's state.
StateTextReturns text representation of the state.
TagTag for misc usage.
TimeConnectedHolds date/time when user connected.
UseNTAuthenticationDetermines if native NT authentication is used for user's access.