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AuthenticationType property

Determines type of authentication supported by the server.


WebAuthenticationTypes enumeration


  • Basic
object.AuthenticationType [= value]
The AuthenticationType(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodWebServer
valueWebAuthenticationTypes enumeration


This property defines type wodWebServer required (and supported) to authenticate clients. You can set this property to any of WebAuthenticationTypes values, or their combination (such as AuthBasic + AuthNTLM).

If you set Authentication property to AuthRequired, client then *must* provide his credentials to access resources on your server. Failing to do so will cause 'Forbidden' response to be returned to him automatically - you will not even receive RequestDone event.

When client tries to authenticate, UserAuthenticate event will fire where you must set Action argument to Accept or Deny. If you set it to Deny then wodWebServer will automatically redirect response to 'Forbidden' response. When set to Allow, wodWebServer will proceed as usual - firing RequestDone event to handle and send response.