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CGIStart event

Fires when CGI script is ready to be started.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_CGIStart (ByRef User, ByVal FullPath, ByRef Environment)
The CGIStart(object,User,FullPath,Environment) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodWebServer
UserWebUser object. Reference to user that called CGI script.
FullPathString value. Full path to executable that will be called, including any arguments you specified in CGIExecute method.
EnvironmentWebHeaders object. Reference to collection of WebHeader objects that will be converted to user's environment variables.


CGIStart event is fired just before external CGI application is to be executed, as defined by Response.CGIExecute method. Before this application is executed, wodWebServer has to set up special environment for the application - and gives you option through this event to change environment of the application just before it's started.

Environment argument is a collection of WebHeader objects which are translated to environment variables - feel free to add (or remove) new variables if you think they are required.