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Threads property

Determines if clients are accepted in separate threads.


ThreadTypes enumeration


  • Basic
object.Threads [= value]
The Threads(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodWebServer
valueThreadTypes enumeration


This property defines if wodWebServer will create new thread for each connected client, or will let them all 'live' in main thread (default behavior). Having threads is important for accepting more connections at a time without freezing or slowing down your application. Since each new client runs in new thread, it will not interfere with other connected users - regardless if he is requesting or receiving resources.

But there is a problem - VB6 as most common environment does not encourage use of threads. Even more, it does not allow events to be fired from worker threads - only from main thread. For this purpose, Threads property can be set to SafeThreads value - in which case wodWebServer will always synchronize worker thread with main thread before event is fired - so your application does not crash. This may cause insignificant slowdown, since all currently connected users have to wait for main thread to be free to they can fire their events (such as RequestHeaders, RequestDone etc..). As long as you don't put some lengthy processing code inside event body - it will work correctly. If your code execution inside event body is lengthy - this may slow down all connected clients since they are ALL waiting for your code to be processed. Still, the most important thing is sending response body - and your code does not affect it since no events are fired at that time.

For environments that are aware of multithreading, you are free to use FullThreads setting - in which case events are fired from these threads. If you put some lengthy processing in this code only one user will be affected - all other users will still be able to talk with the server uninterrupted. It may be a good idea to test if your environment supports FullThreads or if you need to use SafeThreads. Best way is to run your application in Debug mode, inside your IDE, and stop execution inside the event. If it crashes while having FullThreads setting - it may be better choice to use SafeThreads instead.

If you want to change this setting on a 'per user' basis, you can change it from within *each* UserConnected event (which always is fired in the main thread anyway!), since after this event value of Threads property is copied for the user.