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Add method

Adds new ISAPI extension to the collection.


ISAPIExtension object


  • Basic
object.Add (FullPath, [Name])
The Add(object,FullPath,Name) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type ISAPIExtensions
FullPathA String value. Full path to ISAPI DLL.
NameOptional. A Variant value. Name you can set for loaded DLL. Not used by wodWebServer.
Return valueISAPIExtension object


This method will try to load specified DLL. If appropriate entry point is found, and DLL exports needed functions (such as& HttpFilterProc, HttpExtensionProc, etc.) it is loaded and added to the collection. Since same DLL can be both filter and the extension at the same time, IsFilter and and IsExtension properties are separated (not mutually exclusive).

Once DLL is loaded, it can be used by wodWebServer immediately.