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WebRequest Object

This object holds all information known about client's request

BodyHolds full request data body, if any.
FilenameHolds full path where request data was saved.
FullURIHolds full path and arguments for requested resource.
HeadersReturns reference to request headers.
HttpVersionHolds version of HTTP protocol used by the client.
MethodHolds method used to access resource.
PageNameHolds only name (without path) of requested resource.
PathHolds only path to requested resource.
PostedReturns collection of posted variables.
QueryVariablesHolds collection of query variables used in URL.
TagTag for misc usage.
UploadsReturns collection of uploaded files/variables.
URIHolds full path of requested resource.


This object contains URI for requested resource, set of headers sent by the client, body (if provided by the client) etc..