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TestNTLMResponse method

Tests if provided response matches user's password.




  • Basic
object.TestNTLMResponse (Password)
The TestNTLMResponse(object,Password) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebUser
PasswordA String value. Password from your list that will produce NTLM response result - hopefully same as one provided by the user.


This method is used when user authenticates with the server using AuthNTLM authentication type. In this type of authentication hashed value of the password is sent by the client, instead of cleartext password.

This method will create same hashed value of password you provide that *should* match value stored in Password property. If user provided same password as you - hashed value will be the same. Please note that this method will not return hashed value - it will just return True or False value, depending if your hashed value and user's hashed values are the same.

This method can only be used from within UserAuthenticate event - because hash value is known only at that point. Typical code to test if password matches goes like this (VB sample):
Private Sub Http1_UserAuthenticate(ByVal User As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.IWebUser, ByVal AuthType As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.WebAuthenticationTypes, Action As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.WebActions)
Select Case AuthType
 Case AuthNTLM
   If User.Login = "some_login" And User.TestNTLMResponse("some_password") Then
     Action = Allow
     Action = Deny
   End If
 End Select
End Sub