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ISAPIExecute method

Executes preloaded ISAPI extension


  • Basic
object.ISAPIExecute (Extension, [ScriptName], [ScriptPath])
The ISAPIExecute(object,Extension,ScriptName,ScriptPath) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebResponse
ExtensionA Variant value. Reference to ISAPI extension that will process the request.
ScriptNameOptional. A Variant value. Name of executed script as seen by the client.
ScriptPathOptional. A Variant value. Full path to executed script, as seen by the server.


ISAPIExecute method will call loaded ISAPI extension so it processes client's request. Once processing is done, ISAPI extension will automatically send response back to the client. ISAPI extension is executed in separate thread so lengthy processing does not freeze up wodWebServer.

Typically, you can use this method like this:
Private Sub Http1_RequestDone(ByVal User As WODWEBSERVERCOMLib.IWebUser)
 User.Response.ISAPIExecute 0, User.Request.URI, User.ResolveURI(User.Request.URI)
End Sub

Above sample will use first ISAPI extension from the collection.

WARNING: Before using this method you should set Response.Filename property to empty string "", otherwise your ISAPI could rewrite your HTML resources stored on the disk. This will typically happen if you set DocumentRoot property.