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FullURI property

Holds full path and arguments for requested resource.




  • Basic
object.FullURI [= value]
The FullURI(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebRequest
valueA String value.


FullURI holds location of the resource as requested by the client. It contains complete path, page name of the resource, and any arguments provided after resource. It does NOT provide information about the protocol or the hostname (URLs contains these).

FullURI cannot be blank - if not specified by the client, wodWebServer will replace it with /. FullURI property is parsed to Path and PageName (or FullURI containing both Path, PageName and any arguments sent in the URL) properties which may be easier to use.

When wodWebServer works with Response.Delivery = Automatic, and client requests to access server's default page '/', wodWebServer will convert this request to '/index.htm' which is used as default page in each directory.

Example for FullURI is /index.htm, /users/, /order/payment.cgi?ccInfo=1234567812345678