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Web Server ActiveX Control Introduction

General information

wodWebServer is an ActiveX Component that implements server side of HTTP and HTTPS protocols (HTTPServer). It's main purpose is to serve HTML pages, GIF/JPG/PNG images, documents, and other resources that are accessible through Browser clients (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape etc..) It is robust, easy to use, fast, and can be used in all environments that support COM technology. It serves both static pages, as well as dynamically created ones. No need to learn ASP/PHP/Coldfusion to make your own WEB server when wodWebServer ActiveX is used.

wodWebServer runs through Request/Response objects - whatever client sends is parsed and stored to Request object. When you're ready to deliver response, you just need to populate Response object - such as Body property, StatusCode, and that it. If you're fast and can do it from within RequestDone event, then you don't even have to call any Send methods - it's delivered automatically.

Features include

  • support for HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • multithreading - even in VB!
  • complete information on connected users - get their originating IP address, originating port, total connected time...
  • choose either Automatic content delivery (sit back and enjoy) or manual - in which case you define virtually everything that is sent
  • CGI script support by running external executables
  • ISAPI extensions support
  • authentication - Basic, NTLM and with client certificate, domain authentication supported (against local workgroup, domain or active directory)
  • parsing of query variables, posted data, form-uploaded data for easy access
  • can be used as standalone, or together with other WEB server (such as Apache, IIS...) by running on another port
  • control bandwidth usage for each user separately

Shipped as COM and ActiveX

wodWebServer is shipped in two variations - as COM object, and as an ActiveX control. Besides this, wodWebServer package also includes wodCertificate object for managing certificates and private keys (for HTTPS protocol).

wodWebServer will work with all environments that support COM objects and ActiveX controls - VB, VC, Delphi, and it will even work in .NET environments. IDE will generate appropriate wrappers for wodWebServer in that case.

Licensing - royalty free

wodWebServer purchase allows you to distribute your applications free of charge in unlimited copies (royalty free) under terms of our License Agreement. You can include binaries of wodWebServer and accompanying objects (wodKeys and wodCertificate) in your distribution packages.

Note: in DEMO version you cannot change ServerName property.