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TransferEncoding property

Determines encoding of response body.


TransferEncodingsEnum enumeration


  • Basic
object.TransferEncoding [= value]
The TransferEncoding(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebResponse
valueTransferEncodingsEnum enumeration


TransferEncoding property defines if wodWebServer will return response as 'chunked' or in plaintext 'as is' format. Typically, when you plan to change content on the fly, chunked encoding is used, since response headers (that are sent before response body) need to contain length of the data that is returned.

If it is known, wodWebServer uses no encoding.
If it is not known, chunked encoding is used.

wodWebServer will choose appropriate encoding for the response, but you can force it through this property if you need to. If you plan to use SendChunk method - you must set this property to ChunkedEncoding.