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Add method

Adds new header to the collection.


WebHeader object


  • Basic
object.Add (Name, [Value])
The Add(object,Name,Value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebHeaders
NameA String value. Holds header name.
ValueOptional. A Variant value. Holds header value.
Return valueWebHeader object


Add method will add new header to the collection of all headers, usually for Response object (Request is populated by the client).

To add new header, you can use code like this:
User.Response.Headers.Add "Content-Type", "text/html"

or even easier
User.Response.Headers("Content-Type") = "text/html" ' (only available in some environments, such as VB)

Add method will return reference to created WebHeader object, which can be ignored.