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Delivery property

Determines when will wodWebServer deliver response.


DeliveryEnum enumeration


  • Basic
object.Delivery [= value]
The Delivery(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type WebResponse
valueDeliveryEnum enumeration


Delivery property determines if wodWebServer should Send response to the client immediately after RequestDone event is finished, or it should not send response by itself at all - in which case you must call Send method manually.

Usually, if you can create proper response from within RequestDone event, you should just set Delivery = Automatic (this is default value). But, if client's request needs lengthy processing, you should set Delivery = Manual, return from RequestDone event (in all cases try to execute your code inside RequestDone the fastest you can so wodWebServer can continue accepting connections!), and then call Send method later on.

Internally, there is one specific case: wodWebServer will set Delivery = Manual if you call CGIExecute method, because CGI needs to run in separate thread. When CGI completes, wodWebServer will call Send method by itself.