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SecureProtocols Enumeration

These constants define if wodWebServer serves pages through secure connection or not.


If ProtNoSSL is used, then wodWebServer sends regular, plaintext http responses. For all other types, SSL encryption is turned on before request is received, and response is sent. Although ProtAll seems to be the best choice when you make secure requests, some older Internet Explorer browsers may send invalid SSL requests, so ProtSSL23 is advised to be used. Also, ProtSSL23 is used as default value when you make https:// - type request, unless specified differently in your code.

Possible values for SecureProtocols:

Constant Value Description
ProtNoSSL 0 Not using SSL.
ProtAll 1 TLS1/SSL3/SSL2
ProtSSL23 2 SSL3/SSL2
ProtTLS1 3 TLS1.0/TLS1.1/TLS1.2
ProtSSL3 4 SSL3
ProtSSL2 5 SSL2
ProtTLS10 6 TLS1.0
ProtTLS11 7 TLS1.1
ProtTLS12 8 TLS1.2