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SSHEncryptions Enumeration

These are the constants that define which encryption method is allowed to be used with the clients.


Default value is encAny which means that all listed can be used - depends on client's selection. If you specify anything else, then wodSSHD will only list that particular encryption method when negotiating with the client. It is possible that client does not support the same encryption method, and connection could be closed.

You should know that client is the one who decides which method will be used in actual communication. Most of the newer clients prefer AES.

Note that encDES is not supported, and is listed only for compatibility with wodSSH and wodSFTP.


Constant Value Description
encAny0 Anything suitable, selected by wodSSHD component.
encDES 1 DES encryption
enc3DES2 3DES encryption
encAES 3 AES encryption
encBLOWFISH4 BLOWFISH encryption
encAES128 5 AES 128bit encryption
encAES1926 AES 192bit encryption
encAES256 7 AES 256bit encryption
encCAST1288 CAST 128 encryption