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SftpListDirData event

Fires just before list items will be sent to the client.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_SftpListDirData(User, DirData(), NamesOnly)    
The SftpListDirData(object,User,DirData(),NamesOnly) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodSSHD object.
UserA SSHUser object. Reference to user whose dir data is changed.
DirData()An array of Byte values. Actual data as byte array (SAFEARRAY(unsigned char *) for VC++ users).
NamesOnlyA Boolean value. Determines if DirData contains only names, or full information in each line


SftpListDirData event is fired when client requests to see directory listing, but before it's sent to the client. This leaves you with room to change it if needed, to hide certain items, or add new ones.

If NamesOnly is set to True, it means that DirData argument contains only names of files/directories, not their detailed information (such as size, date, etc..) because the client requested data in this form.

You can change DirData any way you like - as long as it's valid Byte array. C++ users should declare it as SAFEARRAY(unsigned char) * to compile properly their applications.

We decided to present data as byte array because this produces the smallest overhead on the product. When directory contains many files (such as, for example, 30000), having DirData holding String variables could cause too much CPU usage on byte<>String conversion, which we wanted to avoid.