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KeepAlives property

Defines number of seconds of inactivity before KeepAlive ignore packets are sent.


A Short value.


  • Basic
object.KeepAlives [= value]  
The KeepAlives(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodSSHD.
valueA short value.


KeepAlives value specifies how many seconds of must pass without any activity between wodSSHServer and remote client before wodSSHServer sends "KeepAlive" packet to test if connection is still open or not. This is useful if you want to set Timeout = 0, but still would like to occasionally test if connection is established. Since possible connection problems occur when data is being transmitted, KeepAlives (also known as Ignore/None packets) are sent. They are ignored by the server, but if connection is broken error is reported so you can try to reconnect. Leaving KeepAlives = 0 will prevent from sending those packets.