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CryptoInformation method

Called when user wants to authenticate to the server.




  • Basic
object.CryptoInformation Owner, Protocol, RemoteName, SCcipher, CScipher, Keys, Accept    
The CryptoInformation(object,Owner,User,Protocol,RemoteName,SCcipher,CScipher,Keys,Accept) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type IwodSSHDNotify.
OwnerRequired. A wodSSHDCom object. Instance of wodSSHServer that called this notification method.
UserRequired. A SSHUser object. Reference to object that holds information about the connected user.
ProtocolA String value. Specifies selected protocol (SSH2 is the only possibility).
RemoteNameA String value. Holds remote identification string.
SCcipherA String value. Holds server to client encryption algorithm selected.
CScipherA String value. Holds client to server encryption algorithm selected.
KeysA String value. Holds key exchange algorithm selected.
AcceptA Boolean value. When set to False, wodSSHServer aborts connection.


This method is called only if you implemented IwodSSHNotify interface in your application, and wodSSHD.Notification property has received reference to instance of your implementation.

CryptoInformation notification method is called after the first crypto negotiation has taken place, but before any sensitive information is sent to the user (or received from the user). This notification provides you with information about selected encryption protocols and remote software type client uses.

At this point you can decide if you want to continue with the connection, or you want to abort it (by setting Accept parameter to False) in which case wodSSHServer will drop the connection.

This event does not fire if Protocol is set to Telnet/Raw, only when Protocol is set to SSH2.