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AuthenticationsEnum Enumeration

These constants define authentication methods that are allowed to be used by clients.


They are valid only when Protocol property is set to SSH2.

Constants only define what is allowed to be sent by the client - still, you will have to determine which method will be accepted. You can require both methods to be provided by the client in order to accept his connection - it's all up to you.

If client provides Login and Password, LoginPassword event will be fired.

If client provides Login and PublicKey, LoginPubkey event will be fired.

If client tries to authenticate using Kerberos GSSAPI, LoginGSSAPI event will be fired.

In these events you can define whether you will accept the connection or not.


Constant Value Description
authBoth0 Allow both authentications (obsolete, same as authAny).
authAny 0 Allow any authentications.
authPassword1 Allow password/keyboard-interactive authentication.
authPubkey 2 Allow public key authentication.
authGSSAPI5 Allow Kerberos GSSAPI authentication.