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ProtocolsEnum Enumeration

These are the constants that define which protocols is wodSSHServer using when accepting connections.


SSH2 protocol is known from first versions of wodSSHServer, and since version also Raw and Telnet are supported. Both of them are unencrypted so be cautious when you choose to run them.

In Raw and Telnet mode wodSSHServer cannot transfer files because SFTP subsystem is only supported by SSH protocol.

Note that constant values are not sequentially incrementing - SSH2 protocol has value '3'. This is because you may use our other products in same application and there can be also other constants between Telnet and SSH2. Also, it is possible that in future wodSSHServer may support also SSH1 protocol - so it will get value '2' that's missing here.


Constant Value Description
Raw0 Raw protocol.
Telnet 1 Telnet protocol.
SSH12 SSH1 protocol.
SSH23 SSH2 protocol.
SSHAuto4 SSHAuto protocol.