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Password property

Holds user's password.


A String value.


  • Basic
object.Password [= value]    
The Password(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type SSHUser.
valueA String value.


This property is used during LoginPassword event, and allows you to authenticate user (together with Login property) and allow/deny access to your server to that particular user.

If you are using NT native authentication (UseNTAuthentication set to True), you can change value of this property to create custom login/password combinations that define specific NT account. For example, you can
  • create Guest account on your system (with password 'Guest'), and
  • in Login event check for Login/Password entered by the user, test it matches something from your user's database (like 'Joe'/'Joe'). If combination is valid,
  • set Login="Guest" and Password="Guest" and allow user to login.

Later, when shell is executed it will be executed under privileges of user 'Guest' because this is the value wodSSHD has read from Login/Password properties. Also, you should use Domain property to specify NT Domain that is used for authentication such user.

If AuthChallenge property is set with challenges sent to the user, Password property will provide user's responses - one per line separated by CRLF sequence.