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Environment property

Holds environment variables for connected user.


A String value.


  • Basic
object.Environment [= value]  
The Environment(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type SSHUser.
valueA String value.


This property will be used only if UseNTAuthentication property is set to True, since this is only time when wodSSHServer runs spawned process with user's new privileges. When doing so, you can specify Environment property so that it contains all new environment variables that will be visible to newly spawned process. You have to put them line by line, so that they look like this, as example:

SOMEVAR=some value
SOMEOTHERVAR=some other value

wodSSHServer will parse your provided environment and pass it to CreateProcess API for the user.

If you don't specify new environment variables, same set of variables will be used as in parent process (that belongs to wodSSHServer itself).

It is important to set this value before ServiceStart event is fired!.