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MonitorTransfers property

Determines if SftpFileTransferData event is fired during file upload/download.


An MonitorTransfersEnum enumeration


  • Basic
object.MonitorTransfers [= value]  
The MonitorTransfers(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodSSHD.
valueAn MonitorTransfersEnum enumeration, as described in settings.


The settings for value are:

Constant Value Description
MonitorNone0 SftpFileTransferData event never fires.
OnlyUploads 1 StpFileTransferData event fires during uploads.
OnlyDownloads2 SttpFileTransferData event fires during downloads.
MonitorAll 3 SftpFileTransferData event fires for both uploads and downloads.
MonitorTransfers property defines if SftpFileTransferData event is fired by the component. When this property is set to other than MonitorNone, SftpFileTransferData is fired before each packet is to be transmitted to the client - or after it is received from the client but saved to a disk. This allows you to alter contents of incoming packet.

Since firing events can be time consuming process - especially during file transfers, you should leave this property to MonitorNone if you don't indent to