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BannerText property

Holds banner message text that is send to client upon login.


A String value


  • Basic
object.BannerText [= value]  
The BannerText(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodSSHD.
valueA String value.


Not many servers use banner messages, although it is common way of presenting important messages to the clients. Setting BannerText property will affect clients that connect, so that this message is *somehow* shown on their terminal. Different client applications handle this message differently. Some of them show BannerText as message box, some show it as first received data from the server - depends on the client.

Leaving BannerText empty will affect wodSSHD so it does not send banner message at all.

When wodSSHServer is operating as Telnet server, this message is shown just before login and password prompt are sent to the client.

NOTE: In DEMO version you cannot change BannerText property.