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SftpTransferComplete method

Called when file transfer is complete.




  • Basic
object.SftpTransferComplete Owner, User, Successful  
The SftpTransferComplete(object,Owner,User,Successful) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type IwodSSHDNotify.
OwnerA wodSSHDcom object. Instance of wodSSHServer that called this notification method.
UserA SSHUser object. Reference to user who wants to rename a file/folder.
SuccessfulA Boolean value. Determines if transfer was successful.


This method is called only if you implemented IwodSSHNotify interface in your application, and wodSSHD.Notification property has received reference to instance of your implementation.

TransferComplete notification method is called after file transfer is done. Variable Successful will be set to True if file transfer was successful, or False if an error (or abortion) occurred.