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General information

SSHServer provides strong encryption of data, and authentication of users over insecure networks, such as Internet. wodSSHServer is an ActiveX component that will give you ability to easily add Telnet, SSH2, and SFTP server capabilities to your application. Using it is really easy. Add it to your form (or create instance on the fly), use internal methods to generate pair of keys for the server (or import existing ones from other SSH servers) and start the server. From that moment, clients will be able to connect to your server, and do the following
  • enter chat that you created for them,
  • start command prompt and execute commands inside (just as they would do it from the console window),
  • start some program of their choice
  • use internally provided SFTP (secure ftp) server, or
  • open port forwarding for other programs
All of this, of course, can be adjusted by your needs. By default, server will not allow anyone to login unless you specify so (using LoginPassword event that is fired when someone wants to login to your server). Once connected, you will get the information about service type user requests. At this point, you can accept, reject or even change the service he requested. Or, you can just leave him alone and not interfere with his actions at all. User can login using their password, but also using their PrivateKey and PublicKey combination.

Usage information

Using wodSSHServer is ideal if you need server side of encrypted communication, and don't want to hassle with certificates (used in SSL communication). Almost everyone today has some sort of SSH client which can be used to connect to your server.
Included samples will show you, step by step, how to
  • manually respond to client's actions. You can make an interface that will talk to the clients (like an BBS system), they will enter commands and different type of values in your program where you can evaluate them. This is ideal for making restricted access area where users will be allowed only to, for example, login and change their password.
  • interact with user's shell commands. In case you think user's actions are becoming too aggressive and may damage your system, you can easily deny any action made by them
  • start SFTP server in restricted environment. You can define custom directories that will be shown to the clients as root folders. They will not be able to access any parent folders than you specified. On each their action, event will be fired where you can deny certain actions
  • open port forwarding where you can inspect the request, allow or deny the action, or even change the parameters for it without the client even knowing that.
Maximum number of connections is not omitted by wodSSHServer. It depends on your OS and computer power. If you wish, you can easily limit number of the connection by rejecting new connections when wodSSHD1.Users.Count exceeds certain value.

Supported ciphers are AES, 3DES and Blowfish. 3DES is defined as required by SSH2 protocol specification, so all clients should be able to negotiate proper cipher between client and the server. Supported MAC algorithms are MD5 and SHA1.

File transfers... Not only wodSSHServer is Telnet/SSH server, it can also accept SCP and SFTP clients - they can list files, download and upload files, create/delete/rename directories etc..

Generating keys needed for proper operation is easy using method wodSSHD1.Keys.Generate . However, using externally generated keys is also supported with Load (and Save) methods.

More information about SSH2 protocol can be found from IETF-secsh Internet-Drafts ( Usage of SSH1 version is deprecated and is not recommended to be used anymore, thus is not implemented in wodSSHServer.

Note: in DEMO version you can not change the value of BannerText property.