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Start method

Starts accepting incoming connections.




  • Basic
object.Start [Port]  
The Start(object) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodSSHD.


Method Start will make your SSH server 'alive' and force it to

  • bind to your local port (default 22) on selected interface
  • listen for incoming connections
  • set Status property to True
  • accept incoming connections
  • create SSHUser object for each new connection, and fill in respective RemoteIP and TimeConnected properties
If you get an error when you call this method, usually it will be related to inability of SSH server to bind and listen on selected port. In such cases, check your running applications if there is already some other server running on same port.

Before starting the server, you should setup several properties that will determine behavior of your server, such as Timeout, BannerText, Port.... Just by leaving default values will make your server work as expected, but in 'real life' you should choose your own values for these properties. To shutdown server, call Stop method.