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PrivateKeyData property

Holds private key - as byte array.


An array of Byte values.


  • Basic
object.PrivateKeyData(KeyType ) [= value()]
The PrivateKeyData(object,KeyType,value()) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type SSHKeyPair.
KeyTypeRequired. A SSHKeyTypes enumeration, as described in settings. Type of the key (RSA, DSA or ECDSA).
value()An array of Byte values.


The settings for KeyType are:

Constant Value Description
RSAkey0 Uses RSA cipher to create keys.
DSAkey 1 Uses DSA cipher to create keys.
ECDSAkey 2 Uses ECDSA cipher to create keys.

PrivateKeyData property is used if you don't want to call internal Load and Save methods to preserve key data between wodSSHD sessions. Once you Generate new key, you can retrieve it's raw data using this property (or PrivateKey property), and store it somewhere depending what your needs are. Obtaining private key data this way does not encrypt it in any way - you should do it by yourself when you store the key.

In later sessions, you can easily load your key internally, and put it in PrivateKeyData property and wodSSHD will immediately be able to use it. KeyType must be specified to determine what key is stored/retrieved.

Note that setting PrivateKeyData with unexpected data may result in wodSSHD rejecting your key. It is advised to set PrivateKeyData only with data you have previously retrieved from the same property (in previous session).