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Enumerations Object

AuthenticationsEnumThese constants define authentication methods that are allowed to be used by clients.
MonitorTransfersEnumThese constants define how if and when will wodSSHServer fire SftpFileTransferData event.
ProtocolsEnumThese are the constants that define which protocols is wodSSHServer using when accepting connections.
SSHActionsConstants that define event actions.
SSHEncryptionsThese are the constants that define which encryption method is allowed to be used with the clients.
SSHKeyTypesThese constants are used with wodSSHD key managment object called KeyPair.
SSHServiceTypesList that defines all possible services that the client can request from your system.
SSHStatesThis is the list of all possible states for the user that are set during connection lifetime.
TerminalEmulationsEnumThese constants define if/how will wodSSHServer send ANSI escape sequences to the client in order to perform cursor movements, change colors, etc..