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Item property

References specific user currently connected to SSHD server.


A SSHUser object. Reference to object containing information about the user


  • Basic
The Item(object,Index) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type SSHUsers.
IndexRequired. An Integer value. Specifies index of user whose information should be retrieved.


This is readonly property that is used to get reference (to access) of some user from collection of all currently connected users. Once user connects to your server, new SSHUser object will be created and known information will be stored in that object, such as his IP address and time when he connected. Later on, as he issues new commands, more information is stored in that object, such as his username and password (if user provided them).

For instance, to get IP address of first user that connected to your server, you can use code like this:
Debug.Print wodSSHD1.Users.Item(0).RemoteIP

or shorter
Debug.Print wodSSHD1.Users(0).RemoteIP

As you can see, Item keyword can be left out from command because it's default property.

Please note that, unlike other collections in VB, indexes start from 0 and go up to Count-1. So, first user has Index=0.