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SftpRename event

Fires when SFTP user wants to rename file or directory.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_SftpRename(User, RelativePath, ResolvedPath, NewName, Action)    
The SftpRename(object,User,RelativePath,ResolvedPath,NewName,Action) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodSSHD object.
UserA SSHUser object. Reference to user who wants to rename file/directory.
RelativePathA String value. Relative path of the file/folder, as seen by the user.
ResolvedPathA String value. Full path to the file/folder on local system.
NewNameA String value. New name specified by the client.
ActionA SSHActions enumeration, as described in settings. You should set to Allow to allow this action, or to Deny if you don't want to allow it.


The settings for Action are:

Constant Value Description
Deny0 Deny execution of the action.
Allow 1 Allow to execute action.

This event is fired when user tries to rename some file on your system. You should decide whether you will allow the user to rename some file by using Action variable.