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ServiceStart event

Fires when user starts requested service.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_ServiceStart(User, ServiceIndex, ServiceType, ServiceName)    
The ServiceStart(object,User,ServiceIndex,ServiceType,ServiceName) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodSSHD object.
UserA SSHUser object. Reference to user who started the service.
ServiceIndexAn Integer value. Index of the service (starts from 0).
ServiceTypeA SSHServiceTypes enumeration, as described in settings. Type of the service.
ServiceNameA String value. Name of the service, as given by the client.


The settings for ServiceType are:

Constant Value Description
stNone0 Command prompt.
stShell 1 Host not allowed to connect.
stExecute2 Execute program.
stSubsystem 3 External subsystem.
stPortForwarding4 Port forwarding.
stSCP 5 Secure file copy.

This event is fired just after actual service is started. Before this event you should have received ServiceRequest event for the same service, where you did have option to Deny it.

This is good place to start some conversation with the client in case ServiceType is stNone. Also, if user requested stShell, you can send some welcome message from here which will be visible by the user before any other content. You should not send anything if service is stSubsystem or stPortForwarding, because you will interfere with above layer protocols.