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EncryptionList property

Determines list of encryption algorithms supported and offered by wodSSHServer.


A String value.


  • Basic
object.EncryptionList [= value]    
The EncryptionList(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodSSHD.
valueList of comma-separated encryption algorithms.


EncryptionList property holds list of all supported and offered ciphers that can be used when client connects to the server. By default EncryptionList will contain this list


but you can change it and remove or rearrange ciphers to suit your needs. Note, however, that order of supported ciphers is not important since client makes a choice. Removing them means wodSSHServer will not use them. Adding new ciphers on the list doesn't mean wodSSHServer will support them - they will be silently ignored if there's no internal encryption support for them in wodSSHServer.

Changing FIPS and Encryption properties will update this property as well, so make sure you set it after using any of those two properties.