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wodSSHD object

wodSSHD Class

AboutDisplays About box.
PausePauses wodSSHServer so it doesn't accept new connections.
StartStarts accepting incoming connections.
StateTextProvides string expression of a state.
StopStops the server and kills all connections.
AuthenticationDetermines allowed authentication types.
BannerTextHolds banner message text that is send to client upon login.
BindIPHolds IP address used for listening.
EncryptionDetermines encryption algorithm to be used.
EncryptionListDetermines list of encryption algorithms supported and offered by wodSSHServer.
FIPSSpecifies FIPS enabled libeay32.dll to load.
HMacListDetermines list of HMAC algorithms supported and offered by wodSSHServer.
KeepAlivesDefines number of seconds of inactivity before KeepAlive ignore packets are sent.
KeyExchangeListDetermines list of key exchange algorithms supported and offered by wodSSHServer.
KeysHolds information about private and public keys.
MaxLoginAttemptsMaximum login attempts allowed on server.
MonitorTransfersDetermines if SftpFileTransferData event is fired during file upload/download.
MyHostnameHolds hostname of local computer.
MyIPHolds IP address of local computer.
NotificationFast notification interface to use instead of events.
PortPort on local computer where SSHD listens for incoming connections.
ProtocolDetermines which protocol is used.
ServerNameHolds name of the server to be shown to clients.
ShellHolds full path to command prompt shell.
StatusDetermines is server is active.
TerminalEmulationDetermines emulation codes to be sent to the client.
TimeoutDetermines number of seconds before user is disconnected for inactivity.
UseIPv6Determines if wodSSHServer uses IPv6 protocol.
UsersHolds reference to collection of currently connected users.
VersionReturns version information.
ConnectingFires when user tries to connect to the server.
CryptoInformationFires before user established encrypted connection with the server.
DisconnectedFires when user leaves the server.
LoginGSSAPIFires when user wants to authenticate to the server using Kerberos GSSAPI authentication mechanism.
LoginPasswordFires when user wants to authenticate to the server using password or keyboard-interactive mechanism.
LoginPubkeyFires when user wants to authenticate to the server with public key
PortBindRequestFires when user wants to bind specific port on the server.
PortForwardConnectFires when user port forwarding is to be established.
PortForwardDisconnectFires when user port forwarding is to be closed.
PortForwardRequestFires when user wants to connect to other host through the server.
ReceivedFires when there's data received from the user.
ServiceRequestFires when user requests some service from the server.
ServiceStartFires when user starts requested service.
SftpDeleteFileFires when SFTP user wants to delete file.
SftpDownloadFileFires when SFTP user wants to download file.
SftpFileTransferDataFires during file transfer, allowing you to alter file contents.
SftpListDirFires when SFTP user lists directory.
SftpListDirDataFires just before list items will be sent to the client.
SftpMakeDirFires when SFTP user wants to make directory.
SftpProgressFires during file transfer.
SftpRemoveDirFires when SFTP user wants to remove directory.
SftpRenameFires when SFTP user wants to rename file or directory.
SftpTransferCompleteFires when file transfer is complete.
SftpUploadFileFires when SFTP user wants to upload file.
StateChangedFires when user's state changes.