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UserDisconnected method

Called when a user disconnects from a channel.




  • Basic
object.UserDisconnected     Owner, Chan, User, ErrorCode, ErrorText
The UserDisconnected(object,Owner,Chan,User,ErrorCode,ErrorText) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnelNotify.
OwnerRequired. A wodTunnelCom object. Reference to the wodTunnelCom instance that called this notification method.
ChanRequired. A Channel object. Reference to the channel that was started.
UserRequired. An User object. Reference to the user that disconnected.
ErrorCodeRequired. An Integer value. Specifies the error that occurred, if any.
ErrorTextRequired. A String value. Text description of the error, if any.


This method is called only if you have implemented the IwodSSHTunnelNotify interface in your application and the wodTunnel1.Notification property has received a reference to an instance of your implementation.

This notification method is called when a user leaves a channel. At this point they will be removed from the collection of all connected users, so this is last chance to inspect information about the user.

If disconnection was the result of an error, the ErrorCode and ErrorText arguments will be filled with description of the error.