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Threads property

Determines if socket code is executed in a separate thread.


A Boolean value


  • Basic
The Threads(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnel.
valueA Boolean value.


Setting the Threads property to True will cause wodSSHTunnel to create and run all socket-related code in a separate thread.

This can be useful if you use a component in your application which blocks the calling thread completely. When set to True, this property will enable wodSSHTunnel to continue to process socket-related messages and thus the connection will be established successfully.

However, in order to set this property to True, your environment must be capable of handling events fired from threads other than the main thread. VB will probably not be able to handle this - especially if you use Fast Notifications (the IwodTunnelNotify interface). You might want to consider using the wodTunnelServ out-of-process (ActiveX EXE) component instead, which is also part of this package. This will also enable you to avoid blocking-related problems.