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EncryptionsEnum eumeration

This list shows all the encryption algorithms that can be used during a session with a remote server.


If set to encAny, wodSSHTunnel will try to use the AES encryption algorithm first, if it is supported by the remote server. DES encryption cannot be used with SSH2 as it has been proven to be unsafe. SSH1 still supports it, although usage of Blowfish is suggested.

AES encryption cannot be used with SSH1 because the protocol specification doesn't support it.

Constant Value Description
encAny0 Anything suitable, selected by wodSSHTunnel component.
encDES 1 DES encryption
enc3DES 2 3DES encryption
encAES 3 AES encryption
encBLOWFISH 4 BLOWFISH encryption
encAES1285 AES 128bit encryption
encAES192 6 AES 192bit encryption
encAES256 7 AES 256bit encryption
encCAST128 8 CAST 128 encryption