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Fires when a user connects to the listening channel.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_UserStateChange(Chan, User, OldState)
The UserStateChange(object,Chan,User,OldState) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodTunnel object.
ChanA Channel object. Reference to the channel where the user connected.
UserAn User object. Reference to user that connected.
OldStateA StatesEnum enumeration, as described in settings. Holds the previous state.


The UserStateChange event is fired when state changes for the user. It will fire, for example, when user starts sending data, receives data etc.. Since wodSSHTunnel component is unable to determine exact time where data is no longer received/sent (i.e. user pauses his transfer), state will revert to Connected-Idle after approx. 3 seconds of last state change.