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Authentication property

Determines which authentication type is used.


An AuthenticationsEnum enumeration.


  • Basic
object.Authentication [= value]  
The Authentication(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnel.
valueAn AuthenticationsEnum enumeration, as described in settings.


The settings for Action are:

Constant Value Description
authBoth0Use both authentications
authPassword1Use password authentication
authPubkey3Use public key authentication
authBoth4Use SecurID token authentication
authPassword5Use KeyboardInteractive authentication

The Authentication property allows you to select the type of authentication you want to use with the server. Most commonly, you will choose authPassword authentication, which requires the Login and Password properties to be set before the Connect method is called. Once wodSSHTunnel connects to the server, it will authenticate you using username and password ONLY.

If you want to authenticate using PrivateKey (the server MUST have your public key in this case, which is supported only for the SSH2 protocol!), you should set this property to authPubkey and you should set the Login and PrivateKey properties accordingly.

If you want to allow any of these authentication methods to be used, set this property to authBoth value. In this case wodSSHTunnel will try to use both methods. Different server implementations may require that either one or both of the authentications are successful in order to login to the server. Please note that in this case you must set all three properties: Login, Password and PrivateKey.

To set PrivateKey, use the Keys object (included in the setup package) which will allow you to generate (and store) the required keys.

wodSSHTunnel also supports keyboard-interactive authentication. It will also attempt to authenticate with it as fallback method, if Password authentication fails.