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Protocol property

Determines which protocol to use for the connection.


A ProtocolsEnum enumeration


  • Basic
object.Protocol [= value]  
The Protocol(object,value) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnel.
valueA ProtocolsEnum enumeration, as described in settings.


The settings for Action are:

Constant Value Description
SSHAuto0 Auto negotiate SSH version.
SSH1 1 Secure Shell 1.5 protocol.
SSH2 2 Secure Shell 2 protocol.

The Protocol property is almost always set before a new connection is made with a remote server. Supported values are: SSH1, SSH2 and SSHAuto.

The SSH1 protocol is an 'old-style' SSH protocol, which today is most popular among UNIX servers. Almost all servers that support Telnet also support the SSH1 protocol. It is fully encrypted and it is known to be secure - as long as the DES algorithm is not used for encryption.

The SSH2 protocol is newer than SSH1 and uses a more sophisticated protocol description. It supports many more encryption algorithms and most of them are used with larger key sizes than in SSH1. Although the name is similar, the protocols are quite different and are not backward compatible.

The SSHAuto protocol is a 'general SSH' protocol. If you set the Protocol property to SSHAuto, then wodSSHTunnel will try to negotiate which SSH version will be used with the remote server. Some servers support both SSH1 and SSH2, in which case SSH2 will be selected. However, if the server is SSH1, wodSSH will automatically fall back to SSH1.

You can test the Protocol property during the connection to obtain the protocol type value. Although you may have set it to SSHAuto (for example), wodSSHTunnel may change this value internally to SSH1 or SSH2 depending which SSH version it negotiated with the remote server. Please keep in mind that before a new connection is established with another server, you should set this property back to SSHAuto.