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StateChange events

Fires when wodSSHTunnel changes its state.


  • Basic
Private Sub object_StateChange(OldState)
The StateChange(object,OldState) syntax has these parts:
objectA wodTunnel object.
OldStateA StatesEnum enumeration, as described in settings. Holds the previous state.


The settings for OldState are:

Constant Value Description
Disconnected0 Disconnected from server.
Connecting 1 Connecting to server.
Connected 2 Connected to server - idle.
Receiving 3 Receiving data from server.
Sending 4 Sending data to server.

The StateChange event is fired each time wodSSHTunnel's internal state changes (with regard to its connection with the SSH server). Initially it is set to Disconnected. Once you initiate a new connection, it will change to Connecting, etc..

You can use this event to determine whether there is anything happening with wodSSHTunnel. You can access the current state using the State property.