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Disconnected method

Called when wodSSHTunnel disconnects from the server.




  • Basic
object.Disconnected   Owner, ErrorCode, ErrorText
The Disconnected(object,Owner,ErrorCode,ErrorText) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnelNotify.
OwnerRequired. A wodTunnelCom object. Reference to the wodTunnelCom instance that called this notification method.
ErrorCodeRequired. An Integer value. Holds the error number or 0 if no error occurred.
ErrorTextRequired. A String value. Text description of the error.


This method is called only if you have implemented the IwodSSHTunnelNotify interface in your application and the wodTunnel1.Notification property has received a reference to an instance of your implementation.

When this notification method is called, it means that wodSSHTunnel has lost connection with the SSH server. You cannot forward channels until you Connect to an SSH server again.

The ErrorCode and ErrorText arguments will provide information on why disconnection occurred. If you initiated it (using Disconnect method), they will be empty (or 0).