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RemoteIdentification property

Holds the remote identification string.


A String value


  • Basic
The RemoteIdentification(object) syntax has these parts:
objectAn expression evaluating to an object of type wodTunnel.


Once an initial connection is established with the server, the SSH protocol specifies that both parties should exchange version information. This information includes server/client type and the version supported. Typically, this would be something like:

which means that the server supports the SSH protocol versions SSH1 and SSH2 and the server is running OpenSSH version 2.9p2. Other values can apply here, too. The first part of the string is the important part:

1.99 means that server supports both SSH1 and SSH2 protocols. If only SSH1 is supported, then server would usually reply with SSH-1.5 and if only SSH2 is supported it would usually reply with SSH-2.0.

Reading the RemoteIdentification property does not affect wodSSHTunnel's behaviour, it simply helps you to determine the type of remote server.